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FertilityAcupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine can greatly increase your possibility of conception and full term pregnancy whether you are just getting started in your fertility journey, or are seeing a fertility specialist.

Acupuncture can be a powerful and effective tool to help couples conceive-and carry to term-a healthy baby. Chinese Medicine can be very beneficial for those who are just starting to try to conceive, as well as for those who are doing assisted fertility treatments such as IUI or IVF. The beauty and intent of Chinese medicine is to balance the body and underlying issue and from that a pregnancy then birth ensues.

I am very passionate about helping women during the journey of womanhood, from easing the struggle and frustration to the completion of a full term pregnancy.  I also work with women who are trying to conceive, are pregnant and want to prevent potential miscarriage, are experiencing morning sickness, have a breech issue or need induction as well as postpartum recovery.

I, myself, suffered for years from severe and painful menstrual periods that would sometimes last three weeks out of a single month.  I was diagnosed with endometriosis and was declared infertile.  After years of physical pain and emotional distress I was able to become naturally pregnant with my first child.

Did you know that with Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine your chances of carrying to full term are much greater?

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Fertility Services For Women

Acupuncture and Herbal medicine can help couples at varying stages of their journey to parenthood. Some may combine it in support with IUI/IVF, while others may use it to conceive naturally. It also works with women who are currently pregnant and want to prevent potential miscarriage, or experiencing morning sickness.

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Fertility Services For Men

TCM treatment is helpful for male factor and is most effective when initiated three months before you try to conceive. This is because the sperm generation cycle takes at least 75 to 90 days.

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