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Burnout: Does Acupuncture Restore Energy?

Burnout: Does Acupuncture Restore Energy?

Burnout can mean different things to each of us as we are all wired differently. In fact, experiencing burnout can manifest as exhaustion or feelings of being overwhelmed, physically, mentally, and emotionally. For some, it also means being spiritually broken. Experiencing burnout in one area of your life can lead to burnout in other areas as well. Don’t fret, acupuncture can help with the restoration of energy levels and decrease stress and burnout.

Burnout: Does Acupuncture Restore Energy?

How Does Burnout Happen?

Burnout occurs when two or more aspects of our lives collide. Think of full-time working moms with young children to take care of. More often than not it takes all that they have within them to cope. Work-related stress followed by stressors at home can also lead to feelings of being socially empty.

For some people, overworking can result in burnout. For example, project after project, deadline after deadline, everything at work is important and always urgent. Months of working in this manner can be mentally, physically, and emotionally draining.

Others might experience burnout as a result of living in fear, especially financial fear. Recently, the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on the global economy cost millions of people their jobs. Little wonder why clinical and chronic depression is on the rise.

The good news is, acupuncture is a great way to treat the symptoms of burnout and emotional exhaustion. However, addressing the causes means making lifestyle changes in order to achieve a work/life balance.

Signs of Burnout

The most common side effect of burnout is sleeplessness. However, for some people burnout may manifest itself in forgetfulness and memory loss. Poor personal hygiene and eating habits, lethargy, excessive alcohol consumption, and dependence on prescription medication are also signs of burnout. People who are rundown can become snappy, unfriendly, and judgemental. When burnout syndrome overruns one’s body and mind, one may not feel like doing anything, physically or mentally, and isolation becomes desirable.

How Acupuncture Helps Restore Energy

Acupuncture is a form of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) that treats each patient’s individual needs. Acupuncture treatment helps with burnout by improving the circulation of blood and qi to the kidneys, as well as the adrenals and other organs. In addition to relieving physical symptoms and healing the body, acupuncture works in a holistic manner.

Inserting small needles at acupuncture points can bring relief from chronic stress and flagging emotions. This practice helps speed up the body’s physiological processes and releases natural endorphins, opiates, and other feel-good hormones, such as enkephalins, which help us to feel better and more energetic.

Acupuncture treatment directs individuals away from fight or flight responses brought on by stress, and into a state of rest. As a result, patients undergoing acupuncture therapy tend to sleep better. Sleep is one of nature’s greatest healers. Getting adequate sleep helps individuals cope better with the challenges of day-to-day living by reducing anxiety, irritability, stress, and depression, all of which results in increased energy levels.

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